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Come black candles, light the byre,

Illuminate the place with fire.

There’s no joy here, a Christmas birth,

Just death for lives sans moral worth.



A church going district of North London and a neighbourhood where friendly residents know each other. But when a brutally murdered woman is found next to a burned-out black candle, a strange mark etched deep into her back, the locals became afraid.


Her old boss, a Chief Superintendent in the Met, calls for PI, Tammy Pierre’s assistance. He’s aware of her Caribbean links, and knowledge of Obiah, a voodoo curse found in Trinidad, and used, some claim, to commit bizarre murders. So, is it voodoo? Or just superstition?


A trip to the West Indies reveals some disturbing facts, new evidence of child abuse and murders going undetected for over twenty years. 


Returning to London, her situation becomes dangerous – is it all more than Tammy had bargained for?


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The Black Candle Killings by Andrew Sagal

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