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Are you a Blogger-Influencer & would you like free books?

If you would like to join our blogger mailing list to get the latest new ebook for FREE, and you have a great interactive following - we would love to make contact with you.

  • You must have your own blog, or be a guest writer for an established platform. This does not include Goodreads, Amazon reviews, etc. 

  • If you have an active social media account, either on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. We like to work with bloggers who have at least 1000 followers, however, if your engagement is high and your audiences love reading we will also consider bloggers with fewer followers on a case by case basis.

  • We send out review copies prior to and immediately after publication. 

  • If you have a particular genre interest, please  let us know which one you most enjoy  

  • If we do send you books for review, please can you send us a link so that we can share it across all our platforms.

EMAIL Carle - HappyLDNPress (@) - put in the header " I'm a Blogger- Influencer

Lets share and help each other

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