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Show Stopper Special - For just one week - Offer closes 1st July 2021


First 2 books in the Tammy Pierre Series Signed by the author 

and posted directly to you or as a gift to a loved one:


Half Trinidadian, Private Investigator Tammy Pierre uncovers a catalogue of abuse and killings going back more than twenty years, and a killer who has re-emerged in London with the specific aim of killing anyone who can throw light on the mystery. Tammy finds herself trapped, bound and gagged, watching a black candle etched with her name gradually burning down. 


These 5 star thrillers will have you bitting your nails to the quick.


Order Now as the offer ends 1st July; The author sign your personalised message.


Delivery approx 15 days.


Tammy Pierre books 1 & 2 Signed

SKU: TP1&2
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