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Sing! by John Lugo-Trebble


Music is the universal language. It not only connects people but memories, places and can travel through time. 

“Sing!” follows the journey of Benny Goodman’s Sing (with a Swing) record from the early 80’s in The Bronx to London in the 90’s and Cornwall in the 10’s. 

Starting with the death of a neighbour, the record helps connect two grieving characters who share the loss of a man they knew two sides of. Moving onto London, the record provides the soundtrack of heartbreak and confusion as a woman tries to come to terms with an unknown future.  In Cornwall, it comes full circle with a couple who are giving their love a second chance and are looking to the future under the shadow of the past. 

“Sing”! takes you through a range of human emotions as complex as Goodman’s own musical composition. You may never look at a second hand record again without wondering how far it has travelled to get into your hands. 


Mini Ebook 

This package comes with:

1 x Ebook with Sing story

1 x Audio of author conversation and short extract reading (MP3 file)


Sing! by John Lugo-Trebble

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