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Come and enjoy this collection of 70 Spiritual Poems by Neelam Shah.


The themes of each poem are connected to the human emotion side of the living world.


Poems are a mixture of descriptive metaphorical limericks, rhyming couplets, sonnets and long verse poems consisting of different adjectives and metaphors in description in essence of the poems. 

The poems represent the theme of the subject in different ways and some poems are expressed in a visual way as well such as trees in danger, water and nature, gods most feared eight legged creatures, donkey’s tired hooves, explores the human emotion side of solitude, memories and war emphasising pain, anguish, depression loss and love, apolitical disasters, animal welfare, environmental welfare, social justice to explore peace.

The imagination journey of some poems like Cyberspace transports people into a different time zone and portal within  virtual reality or planet exploration such as white round planet, or campaigning in the night exploring imagination of out door activities or railway journeys of certain passengers and certain imaginations are explored through places of journeys through time, memories, Health, disease poems which is a recent covid 19 poem.


These poems particularly encompass a varied range of emotions on love, animal compassion, sadness, joy, excitement, anxiety, insect fears, isolation, liberty, happiness, freedoms and peace.


Hope you enjoy reading them.


Inside this Package is:

1 Ebook with Neelams full collection of 70 Poems;

Generic Ebook




Living through Words by Neelam Shah

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