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First book in the Aberration Series

A collection of “Dark, mysterious, malevolent” short stories
by Andrew Segal


He’s gorgeous, cool and slick. Small wonder those wealthy American dames are falling over themselves to taste his flirtatious skills, just where it counts. Seduction is the name of his game, and he knows how to keep a secret. Trouble is, our Gigolo is also a mischief maker, a man with a mission - to make a killing. So he’s got a secret of his own. But, can he keep it that way?


Deliciously sensual and a touch macabre, this collection of tales, I‘m a Gigolo contains ten startlingly original and provocative short stories you’ll need to be brave to read at bedtime. 


5 Stars from Lisa Hall USA Book reviewer

Witty, clever, saucy, seductive and naughty in equal measure - what's not to like? Leading with a story about a self-confessed and, some might say, self-obsessed, Gigolo, this collection of ten short stories is highly entertaining and diverse.


The Gigolo story is blush-worthy and provocative, told with sprinkling of arrogance and peppered with humour throughout. I anticipated the following short stories to be just as saucy and was pleasantly surprised by their diverse content. All of the stories had a fabulously wicked side to them and I wonder if this is the author's naughty side shining through.

I think the old couple was probably my second favourite of the tales (with the Gigolo in first place, of course) it was deliciously dark and hugely entertaining.


Overall a fun collection of short stories with something for everyone.


Top reviews from United Kingdom

Alison 1964

5.0 out of 5 stars A cracking good read

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 October 2020

Verified Purchase

I bought this on my kindle so quite like to browse a couple of short stories in my lunch break. Segal has a good knack of telling a short story to leave you wanting to read more.


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I'm a Gigolo by Andrew Sagal

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