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Imagine how thrilling to receive this special gift book...


Long ago The City of London became the nucleus for the British Empire and with it extraordinary stories, it tries to keep close to its chest. Artist and photographer, Clare Newton, explores the City's secretive treasures, to take you on a journey amongst the ghosts and secrets using impressionist photography a new technique.


Letterbox gift book of happiness from the Happy Story Store!


Open the box, peel back the glistening foil and take a nibble from  Ultimate Fortnum & Mason Milk Chocolate Library Bar. Imagine what flavour is "Forever chasing Supernovas" taste like...???


Do you really want to share this with anyone????


Nah! - this is just for you -  to sit back in comfort and be inspried by the hidden stories of old that finds themselves embroidered into our heritage and let the imagination of photography work its magic. Maybe discover the trueth behind the Philospher's Stone - Yes it really did exist, not just in the "Harry Potter" film.


Our passion for hand-making creative, beautiful bookish gift boxes, are here to make this year's gift giving amazing new adventure for you and your loved ones. 


We only produce 6 of these treasures So you will need to book your limited edition quickly - and if you would like - we will hand write in calligraphy your personalised message . - Just email us


Delivery is by Royal Mail Special Signiture - for extra security - BUT please Hurry as the last Post office parcel leaves by 21st December.


Want to know how much creative value you are gettng..Each box is valued at £36

Arty Letterbox gift book of happiness

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