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Santa wants to turn your frown upside down

And make your merry Christmas lots of fun


Santa’s elves are packing a gorgeous gift box full of luxurious goodies collected from Fortnum & Mason, all snuggled around the first edition Art and Story book ‘High One’ - prize-winning short stories with original artworks bound in a gorgeous coffee-table book. Santa’s elves are making just 18 individually hand painted boxes. 



There are only 6 boxes in this edition PRE ORDER NOW before they are revealed!!


>>>Free postage <<<


What's in your Secret Santa Bountiful Box of treats

The elves say that every box is painted ever so slightly different variety.


Wrapped in brown kraft with a 'waxy' seal and lovingly addressed with hand calligraphy, before posting. 


Each box has an orginal 3D decorated and painted interior to surprise you as the box is opened, with hand painted and crafted leaves.


• Little London Adventures & Surruptitious City by award winning photographic artist Clare Newton.

Impressionist Photography of City of London with collection of entertaining short stories. Just released 150page stuffed full of highly creative images of the City of London. 


• High One; coffee table book of 20 prize winning short stories illustrated by original artworks by Clare Newton FRSA. (27 Colour plates, 128 pages Royal Size 234 x 156mm).

• The Ultimate Fortnum & Mason Milk Chocolate Library Bar with one of twenty assorted surprise fillings eg "Obedience of Bubbles the dog" or "Forever chasing supernovas" (120gm).

• Fortnum & Mason Silky Tea bags : Pistachio & Clotted Cream Tea, Sundae Tea and Minty Humbug, tied with snow white cotton and gold.

• Pretty & Pink Handmade Perfumed soap surprise choice eg Orange & Turmeric or Pear & Magnolia or Pumpkin Spice.

• A5 artist's print "Fading Summer" by Clare Newton FRSA

• A6 Poetical postcard by Marian Swinger

• Cozy Christmas book mark

• Personalised message in christmas card - hand scribed by the artist.

• Discount Voucher off the next Gifty Book Box.


All packaged to wish you a very Happy 2021.



Secret Santa Bountiful Box of treats : Duo

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