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When the candle burns down the victim dies, watching their life melt away with the wax of the candle.

In her second outing, Private Investigator Tammy Pierre investigates Voodoo killings in a quiet London suburb.

Book 2 in The Tammy Pierre Series.


n a quiet North London suburb a number of business and professional women are found horribly murdered. They are all discovered with a black candle burning by their bodies, their names inscribed down the side in wax. The victims are all linked by a common historic association with an orphanage run by nuns on the island of Trinidad. 


Half Trinidadian, Private Investigator Tammy Pierre flies to the island to discover a catalogue of abuse and killings going back more than twenty years, and a killer who has re-emerged in London with the specific aim of killing anyone who can throw light on the mystery. Tammy finds herself trapped, bound and gagged, watching a black candle etched with her name gradually burning down. 


Sometimes there is no way out. Sometimes even the most experienced private investigators can get it wrong. Dramatically wrong. 


"This is Andrew's Best book so far I Can't wait for the next Tammy Pierre Thriller " Jane Seabanks

5 Star Reviews.


The Ebook comes in a number of Ebook files.


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Black Candle Killings Ebook

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